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Custom application development

Custom application development

By using Urban tech system’s is custom application development services you can build systems for your future success. Whether you are interested in application software tools for your personal brand, company brand or for efficiency solutions we can understand the needs of your business and generate software which can run effectively on a wide array of devices. With a staff of skilled designers and developers, we are a full-service agency in Saskatchewan capable of building software development solutions which will bring your company into the mobile age.


Urban Techno Solutions begins first with your vision for technological goals. We can understand your personal needs for application development or the needs of your business and create effective solutions that can be optimized for a wide array of business or personal devices. We begin by first understanding your vision and then storyboarding a technological solution that will be highly functional for your needs.

A template application will only serve as a patchwork/ temporary fix for your company. While there is a wide array of software and mobile applications available that can help you to do business or get your branding out onto mobile devices, its original solutions that make the greatest impact or serve your needs as a company.

We can help you convert an idea into a diverse and functioning fix for your company. We have the development and software expertise to handle even the greatest challenge in custom application development. This means that whether you are simply interested in building an inventory tracking app for your company or you would like to build the next best mobile game, we have the staff to help you get the job done right.

Our custom application development includes a focus on some of the following pillars of success:

Optimized for mobile/the web: We can optimize the power of mobile devices as well as harness the power of the mobile web. We want to create custom applications which will function reliably when they are needed by your customers or by your employees in the field. With our knowledge of development and mobile compatibility, we can create a functional product at launch.

A focus on security: we perform full testing with the help of our development and QA team to optimize security in any application we create. We want to prevent all potential vulnerabilities while embracing modern data solutions. We develop secure applications which do not slow the performance of an app while still safeguarding data.

Enhanced project management: We create long-standing relationships through any application development process. This ensures we can provide a dedicated project manager for your project that will provide you with regular updates, understand your branding and your goals and brief development teams on the future application work you may have.

Contact Urban Techno Solutions today to learn more about our services or for a quote on a custom application development project in your vision.