Who We Are

Urban Techno Solutions is a web design agency and application development company in Saskatoon. We combine many creative talents under one roof to provide web design solutions to a market across Saskatchewan and the world. As a team of skilled Canadian designers and developers, we can build the new applications and designs that will bring your personal brand or company to new heights of success.

What We Do

Urban Techno Solutions provides support for custom application development, branding and marketing design tools as well as professional website design for your needs. When we launched this creative endeavor it was our goal to bring together a group of individuals who could showcase many design talents. We assembled a large group of developers, graphic designers, app designers, marketers and creative talent to produce one of the premiere agencies for tech/web development in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Urban Techno Solutions is happy to build solutions for many companies throughout the world and throughout many industries. From our home base in Saskatoon, we can deliver a wide range of solutions for fledgling companies, enterprises, individual brands and more. With our well-rounded staff, we can build the future tools that will help your company rise in your industry and get noticed on the web.  Our staff is a group of individuals committed to ongoing research and learning in application designweb design and more. We understand that the market itself is consistently changing and the standards for design are changing with them. Through our ongoing commitment to keeping up with the latest in technology and design standards, we are able to ensure that every product we produce is current and competitive for your industry. As well as a commitment retaining relevancy in technology, we remain committed to value in our industry. With competitive pricing on a wealth of design services, we can be an effective solution for companies or individuals with almost any budget in mind. Whether you would like to develop a simple application or launch a custom website, Urban Techno Solutions can build a product based on your design needs for a price that can suit your budget. We can deliver this unprecedented value through our efficiency practices, through the talented team we have assembled and with our passion for keeping this industry reachable for people all across the world. Contact Urban Techno Solutions today to learn more about our services or for a quote on a web design project in your vision.

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